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WordPress is flexible and powerful content management system.flexibility can be configured through Settings pages in the WordPress administrator.

wordpress Settings tab in WordPress Admin sidebar is the hub to configure our website settings.It contains multiple setting pages or sub pages. Other WordPress plugins also add their settings page as a menu under the Settings tab. Clicking on it takes users to the Settings » General screen. if you need to create custom menu in wordpress

Settings tabs :

1. General
2. Writing
3. Reading
4. Discussion
5. Media
6. Permalinks

Only administrator role has the access to the settings tab.

General Setting in wordpress :

For changing the General setting we need to follow three steps :

1. Go on Settings ===> General

setting general menu WordPress General Settings

2. General Settings include Site title, tagline, WordPress URL, and time settings,E-mail, Registration option among other things.

General Settings ‹ webtechsource WordPress General Settings

Site Title  :− Name of the website.

Tagline :− short sentence about site.

WordPress Address (URL) :− URL of WordPress directory where your all core files are present.

Site Address(URL) :− Enter the site URL which you want your site to display on the browser.

E-mail Address :− Enter your e-mail address.

Membership :− Anyone can register an account on your site after you check this checkbox.

New User Default Role :− Default role of the new user.

Timezone  :−  Set the time zone based on the particular city.

Date Format :− Sets the date format as you need to display on the site.

Time Format :− Sets the time format that is display on the site.

Week Starts On :− Select the week day which you prefer to start for WordPress calendar. By default it is set as Monday.

Site Language :− Sets the default language  dashboard.

3. after changing all fields we need to click on save changes


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