Top 20 WordPress Interview Questions & Answers

1) What is WordPress?

Word press is a best Open Source CMS which allows it to be used free of cost. You can use it on any personal or commercial website without having to pay a single penny for it. It is built on PHP/MySQL (which is again Open Source) and licensed under GPL.

2) Do you need to have a blog in order to use WordPress for a site?

WordPress was originally used as blogging software though it has since become popular for the website also. It is not necessary to have a blog to use WordPress. Still having a blog is commendable as it will help in search engine optimization.

3) From SEO point of view is WordPress helpful? Will it show the website on Google?

It is one of the benefits of using WordPress; it has inbuilt SEO search engine. Also, you can have an additional plug-in in WordPress to help with SEO and rank on a popular search engine like Google.

4) What are the types of hooks in WordPress and mention their functions?

There are two types of hooks 1) Action hooks 2) Filter hooks

Hooks allow a user to create WordPress theme or plugin with shortcode without changing the original files. Action hooks allow you to insert an additional code from an outside resource, whereas, Filter hooks will only allow you to add content or text at the end of the post. Read More about action and hooks

5) What do you mean by a custom field in WordPress?

The custom field is a meta-data that allows you to store arbitrary information in the WordPress post. Through custom field, extra information can be added to the post.

6) What are the rules that you have to follow for WordPress plugin development?

Create a unique name
Create the plugin’s folder
Create a sub-folder for PHP files, translations, and assets
Create the main plug-in file and fill in the header information
Create activation and de-activation functions
Create an uninstall script
Create a readme.txt file
To detect paths to plugin file use proper constants and functions

7) What is the prefix of WordPress tables by default?

By default, wp_ is the prefix for WordPress.

8) Why does WordPress use MySQL?

MySQL is widely available database server and is extremely fast. It is an open source, and it is available at no cost also it is supported by many low-cost Linux hosts so its easy for anyone to host their website.

9) Is it possible to rename the WordPress folder?

Yes, it is possible to rename the WordPress folder. If WordPress is already installed, you have to log in to the weblog as the administrator and then change the settings

WordPress address (URI) :

Blog address( URI) :

After making the changes, you can rename the folder or directory with the WordPress file in it.

10) How many tables are there in WordPress by default?

There are about 11 tables in WordPress by default. Note: With succeeding releases of WordPress this number will change. You need to check phpMyAdmin to determine the number of tables in a vanilla version of latest WordPress installation.

11) What is WordPress loop?

To display post WordPress use PHP code, this code is known as a loop. Read top PHP interview questions

12) How can you disable the WordPress comment?

If you go to the dashboard under options “discussion, there is a comment “ Allow people to post comment” try unchecking the comment.

13) What are the template tags in WordPress?

In WordPress template tags is a code that instructs WordPress to “do” or “get” something.

14) Does WordPress have cookies?

Yes, WordPress has cookies, and WordPress uses cookies for verification of users while logged in.

15) At what instance you get locked out of your WordPress admin and look at your website as a blank screen?

This would likely happen when you have pasted the code from a website with wrong formats, also when you have pasted the code in an incorrect location. It may also happen when your IP is banned

16) Why you use a static front page in WordPress?

Some WordPress users want their WordPress installation to be more than a blog site. To give their page a look more like a real website page some users use static front page.

17) What are the plugins you can use to create a contact form in WordPress?

To create a contact form in WordPress, you can use a plugin like Gravity forms or also you can use a free plugin contact form 7.

18) Is there any limitation for using WordPress?

No, there is no limitation for using WordPress. WordPress can be used for innumerable purpose membership site, e-commerce site, photo-gallery and many more.

19) In what case we cannot recommend WordPress to our client?

We cannot recommend WordPress in the following situation:

If the client is working on a non-CMS base project
If a site wants complex or innovative e-commerce
In case of enterprise intranet solution
Sites are requiring custom scripting solutions.

20) What is a Child Theme?

The child theme is an extension of the parent theme. If you make changes to the main/parent theme, any update will undo the changes. With a child theme, the customizations are preserved on an update.

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