Top 10 Things to Optimize on a New WordPress Website

Setting a new WordPress website contains a lot of tasks. You need to invest your resources, time and sweat to build your new website or blog. After building your website you may look after great returns on your investments but the things aren’t simple enough.

WordPress is one of the most used content management systems worldwide and it makes website building a little bit easier. Creating your WordPress blog is just the first step of your blogging journey. You must make effort on creating quality content and this is going to be very time consuming as well as hard working at the same time.
All set to write and publish a killer blog post and relevant images on your website? Wait a minute. What about the loading speed of your website?
If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you are going to lose the blogging game. Nobody likes slow websites even for search engines loading speed matters a lot. You must look for effective ways to optimize your new WordPress website to achieve expected results.

A well-optimized website boosts user experience and increases credibility on search engines resulting in more traffic and revenue. This post is all about top 10 things to optimize on your new WordPress blog and I think this may be helpful for you.

1.Optimize Theme

First of all, you must go with a good web host and second you must optimize your blog theme. After creating your website it’s time to work on your theme. Putting a lot of options may make your job easier but it also slows your website at the same time.
Remove the features from your blog which seems useless and choose a lightweight theme having fewer options to speed up your website.

2.Optimize Images

optimize image Top 10 Things to Optimize on a New WordPress Website

Images share more than 65% of your website’s content thus it becomes necessary to optimize your blog images. Images add life to your blog posts and grab more user attention compared to plain texts. Mixing your text content with meaningful visual content will help you drive more traffic to your blog.
Optimizing blog images isn’t rocket science and you can also perform it using few tools. Few tips featured below will surely help you in optimizing images of your website.
 Ideal image resolution – You will get three image dimension option in the media settings small, medium and large. The ideal image dimension is the medium one; it does not make your content heavy as well as user-friendly for both PC and smartphone users.
Compress image – Reduce the file size of the image by compressing it using a tool and the best part is that the process does not degrade the image quality.
Lazy loading – Make your website faster by installing lazy image loading. This will make your images load only when they scroll into view.
Add sharing buttons – Adding social sharing button to your images and Infographics will boost social shares resulting in better search engine ranking.

3.Speed up with CDN

A content delivery network (CDN) can help you in optimizing your new WordPress blog and reducing loading speed. CDN services basically replicate your website’s static assets in its own servers. This helps your website to load faster upon each search request.
Using a CDN service will reduce load from your primary serves and deliver better performance. There are multiple CDN services available such as:
2. CloudFlare
3. Sucuri
4. KeyCDN
5. StackPath
6. Rackspace

4.Install Necessary Plugins and Monitoring them

plugins Top 10 Things to Optimize on a New WordPress Website

Plugins make most of our blogging tasks easier but you must install them wisely. Before installing any plugin asks yourself if it is necessary for your website or not.
Make sure to have few basic and must have plugins in your pouch. Installing a large number of plugins won’t make a huge difference on your website’s speed but clearly, it going to make your website messy. Few things you must consider while optimizing the plugins.
1. Install only plugins having latest WordPress updates
2. Leave three stars or below rated plugins
3. Update your existing plugins time to time
4. Do some research before installing a particular plugin

5.Optimize Database

This is one of the easiest website optimizing techniques you can perform. Your website’s MySQL database stores a lot of information and with time most of the data stored are no longer useful.
A load of junk on your MySQL database may slow down your website. You can remove the unnecessary information from the database by optimizing it and improve your blog’s performance. This process can be performed from the phpMyAdmin or by using a relevant plugin.

While there are plugins to optimize database and maintain backups – we all know that technical things sometimes messes up. If you run into any issues your backup is your first line of defense. Do make online backups but don’t rely on them solely. Order some backup gadgets, HDDs and other storage items online and use a shipping provider to get these things delivered anywhere in the world.

6.Compress PHP Files

Top 10 Things to Optimize on a New Wordpress Website Top 10 Things to Optimize on a New WordPress Website PHP files Top 10 Things to Optimize on a New WordPress Website

A WordPress website is made of JavaScript and CSS files. Once a visitor lands to your website these files get transferred to the servers and then to the visitor’s device.
If you will compress these files then the transferring speed of the whole process will be increased automatically resulting in quick loading of your website. Use a good cache plugin to minify JavaScript and CSS files. The plugin will also help you in eliminating unnecessary whitespace.

7.Reduce Spam


Spam comments make a huge share in your website’s database. You must make effort to remove that spam content from your blog. Spam comments can be proved vulnerable for your blog in many ways thus the prevention is most needed.
You must look for a good plugin capable in catching spam comments and prevent them from being live. Akismet is one of the best WordPress plugin considered and there are many other also available.
1. Anti-Spam
2. WP Bruiser
3. Antispam Bee
4. Stop Spammers
5. Spam Master

8.Optimize Widgets

widgets Top 10 Things to Optimize on a New WordPress Website

Widgets help in performing multiple tasks with just a few clicks. A website reader can share an image or tweet the post by just one click using a sharing button or widget.
Widgets are one of the most necessary elements of a website. Widgets load unnecessary external CSS and JavaScripts over time while being offered. Optimizing widgets make them light and load in no time which boosts website’s performance.

9.Quality Content

Creating quality is the best optimization technique you can perform. No matter how much effort you are putting on optimizing your website, without quality content or services you aren’t going to convince or help your visitors.
Well, optimized content can drive more traffic and improve your website ranking. Make sure to create simple, effective and digestible content.
Ways to optimize your content:
1. Put keywords in the page title
2. Don’t do keyword stuffing in body text, put keywords wisely
3. Work on URL structure
4. Include relevant ALT attributes in images
5. Include internal and external links
6. Insert appealing meta description

10. Keep an Eye on Your Website Regularly

website maintainance Top 10 Things to Optimize on a New WordPress Website

Building your website and optimizing it once is not enough. You must always keep an eye on your website and perform maintenance on a regular basis.
Look for better optimization strategies and utilize them to make your website load faster. Almost each and every element of your website needs to be maintained over time.

Bottom Line

Loading speed of your website can decide whether it can be beneficial for you or not. Website optimization is a must to do a thing to make your blog or website load faster. If you are doing it for the first time it may seem difficult but it will be worth doing and you will learn a lot of new things.

I, Dayanand Saini,the founder and chief editor of,have been working as a software engineer from last 4+ years. It's my hobby to learn new things and implement on live environment.

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