How to Set and Edit Your WordPress Homepage

Creating WordPress front page in wordpress. Have you ever installed a WordPress theme, then wondered why it doesn’t look exactly the way you saw in the preview? What about a situation where you’d like to completely remove the blog portion of your website from the homepage?

Website homepages means a lot of when it comes to conversions. This goes for email subscriber signups, sales and client leads. Yet, configuring your homepage on WordPress takes a little hard to make perfect. But don’t worry, setting up and editing your WordPress homepage is just about one of the easiest tasks you’ll do.

You Need to Set & Edit Your WordPress Homepage?

static home page in wordpress
Many people find it useful to set up a static page as the homepage They use shortcodes and paste the html in backend to fine-tune the appearance. In order to do this, you:

1. Click on “Pages” from your dashboard.
2. Click the “Add New” button on the top and create a new page called, “Home page.”

homepage create How to Set and Edit Your WordPress Homepage
3. Go to “Settings” from the dashboard, and click on “Reading”.
4. The first option available is called “Front Page Displays.” Change it to “A static page”.
5. In the “Front Page” drop down, you should see your new homepage. Select it and save your changes.

static home page How to Set and Edit Your WordPress Homepage
6. Go back into “Pages” and click on your homepage.
7. Add the shortcodes you want to display.
8. Update your homepage.

Second method of creating WordPress front page.

When we select homepage from backend setting. if we need to do dynamic homepage we need to create a file in theme called “front-page.php” this file automatically called for home page. As a developer you can use all available html tags, parameters or methods in there and very well personalize page to your needs, but programming skills are required.

How to Make Your Blog the Homepage

Some wordpress owner only want to show their blog. It’s most common with, you guessed it, blogs! A general business website probably won’t have a blog as its front page, but a website dedicated solely to written content is more likely to want those articles on the homepage.

go to Settings > Reading, then check to make sure that you have Your Latest Posts marked. You don’t have to adjust the selection for the Front Page or Posts Page.


home page Set blog How to Set and Edit Your WordPress Homepage

you also have a big decision to make regarding how those posts are going to appear in your home page. Your choices are Full Text and Summary. The summary gives users a chance to see more posts in a few scrolls of the mouse. The full text, however, reveals every single word and image from every post. Therefore, a visitor must scroll all the way through the first post to get to the second. I’d recommend the Summary option, but lots of websites have the full text to show on customer.

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