How to Stop WordPress Spam Comment

Are you receiving a lot of wordpress spam comments on your  blog website? You’re not the only one. Spam comments are a big pain in the wordpress.To stop spam comments, bloggers end up taking strict ideas such as requiring people to register or have everyone enter a captcha before submitting a comment. Spam prevention controls such as captchas, math quiz, and registration makes it difficult for regular visitors to comment. By implementing one of those methods, you are punishing the wrong crowd. A lot of spam comments are generated by bots, which are programs designed to comment on blogs and websites.

most Attractive tricks for stop spamming

1.Activate Akismet

Akismet is an anti-spam service that comes preinstalled with every WordPress installation. this is one of the best WordPress plugins to help you stop spam in WordPress comments and should be the first thing to set up.

Follow Steps to activate akismet account
1 . Sign up for Akismet account
2. Get your API key
3. Navigate to Settings -> Akismet
4. Paste the API key
5. Relax plugin fight spam for you

2. Disable HTML in comments

By default, WordPress allows everyone to use HTML tags in comments. If you want to stop spammers, you can easily disable HTML in comments by putting the following code in your function.php file:


3. Enable a Captcha

Use a CAPTCHA, which is some type of form or question to challenge a bot and or rather prove that the visitor is a human. There are a lot of great plugins.

4.Before a comment appears an administrator must always approve the comment

5. Remove Website URL Field from Comment Form
The URL field in the comment form attracts not only spammers but it also invites people who have absolutely no interest in discussion at all.


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