5 Major Skills You Need to Master to be a Successful Website Designing Professional

If you are thinking of taking up web designing as your career, there are a number of things you must take into account. Turning some text blocks and images into head turning websites that potential customers fall for will take good amount of efforts.

The idea of taking web designing as a career may be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what it actually takes to make it big. There are a number of things you need to know. You can start off with learning some foundational skills and you’ll be on your way to make an amazing career on the World Wide Web.

Here are some skills you must develop to be a successful web designer:

First, let’s find out about the technical side of what you need to know. All those strange acronyms and terms can seem intimidating, but they’re really pretty easy—and super fun!—once you get to know them.

1. Technical Skills

Attaining mastery at the following skills is important. This will help you build better looking and performing sites:

– Visual Design
– FX
– Design Software

2. Time Management Skills

This is regardless of whether you go freelance or work for a company. You would require staying on top of your schedule and projects. Being a standout web designer isn’t that easy! The process involves getting to know about a lot of productivity apps such as calendars, task lists etc. In case, you are working in or running a very large organization, learn to use project tracking tools such as JIRA or Trello. Irrespective of the tools you prefer to use, mastering the art of prioritizing and tracking the work is essential for your success. The busy and competitive world of web design demands these skills.

3. Communication Skills

As a website designer, you must know the best and most effective ways to stay in touch and getting your point across. These skills will take you a long way. You need to keep up with the clients and update them on the progress of projects. There are other important things like pitching ideas and explaining your creations. In case, you are running your own shop, you might require taking care of copywriting or editing process for sites too. So improving your communication skills will take your career a long way.

4. Marketing – SEO/Social Media Skills

Does this seem rocket science? It actually isn’t! Also these skills are not solely for the marketing guys. Selling your web designer talents will help. This will happen if you know how to do it. Understanding the basics of each will help you a long way in your web designing career journey.

5. Client/Business Management Skills

Whether you are planning to start an agency, take up projects as a freelancer or work at an organization, understanding the bottom line is crucial. It will help you ensure your company or that of your employer is profitable and sustainable. For this, you must have some idea of your own or employer’s goals and finances. While designing a project, make sure the cash flow and project backlog are healthy and achievable in the short and long term.

Acquiring the above listed skills will help you gain success in the world of web designing. Good luck!

I, Dayanand Saini,the founder and chief editor of www.webtechsource.com,have been working as a software engineer from last 4+ years. It's my hobby to learn new things and implement on live environment.

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