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MooTools the Compact Framework for JavaScript

mootools javascript

The MooTools framework is a compact and modular set of tools for professional developers in JavaScript that stands out for its application possibilities thanks to an elegant and well-documented group of APIs and for being object-oriented. MooTools offers the developer several functions and classes to facilitate the programming and design of modern web projects and greatly simplify the work process. In addition, its modular design makes it scalable. Additionally, the Read more…

Detecting Mobile Devices with JavaScript

Detection of mobile device concept of feature detection over browser detection, sometimes we need for knowing whether we are on mobile device or other Device. I thought out a simple way to detect the user was on a mobile device, then swap out the class name of an element. Why we need to check user is on mobile device : 1.Targeting Mobile Devices 2.Testing Mobile Device Functionality in Different Browsers Read more…