5 Ways to Improve Website Performance

improve website performance

In this age of digitalization, most of the customers look online for availing information. It helps them to make a smart buying decision. In a recent study, it has also been found that 88% of consumers research product information before making their final buying decision. This new trend of buying behaviour is emphasising the importance of having a website for businesses.

Owners who want to make their business successful in this modern marketplace should consider developing a trendy website. It will help them to target those customers that find product information online. It is essential for owners to understand the fact that a site is the backbone of their business. It supports all of their digital marketing efforts.

In a situation like this if you don’t have a website then you will lose your potential customers to your competitors. Apart from just having a site, businesses also have to focus on boosting its performance. It will help them to enhance their SEO ranking and encourage their potential customers to stick with the site. As a result, achieving conversion goals will become easier for them. So, check out here a comprehensive guide and learn about the five best ways that will help you to improve the performance of your site.

#1 Develop a Mobile First Website

By taking mobile-first approach, designers and developers build sites that work excellent on small screens. We always suggest owners to focus on developing mobile-first websites because most of the users now use their mobile phones for accessing different sites. In a situation like this if you build a mobile-first website then you will be able to make the most of digitalization.

#2 Load Speed

Google and other search engines have clearly mentioned that fact that they will take the load speed of a site as an important ranking factor. Due to this reason you also have to ensure that your site loads faster. You can follow the below tips for developing a fast loading website:

  • Enable compression
  • Use a content distribution network
  • Minify the uses of CSS, JavaScript
  • Improve server response time

#3 Reduce the Number of HTTP Requests

HTTP is a protocol used by the web browsers to fetch files from the server. By reducing the numbers of HTTP requests you will be able to improve the performance of your website.

#4 Navigation

You should also focus on creating great navigation. It will encourage your visitors to stick with the site.

#5 Reduce Image Size

It is difficult to design a beautiful website by using small images. But still, we suggest owners to reduce image sizes for designing a website. It will help them to improve the load speed of their site and enable them to improve their SEO ranking. Many companies offer services like web design in Melbourne, as well as in other cities in the world. You can hire one of them to design the mock-up of your site. But before making your final decision, you have to ensure that they have the ability to design beautiful websites by using small images.

So, these are the five tips that you need to follow to improve the performance of your website.

I, Dayanand Saini,the founder and chief editor of www.webtechsource.com,have been working as a software engineer from last 4+ years. It's my hobby to learn new things and implement on live environment.

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