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PHP, abbreviated as Hypertext preprocessor is a kind of programming or scripting language used in computer systems. It was established in the year of 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf for the purpose of website development. PHP also find applications in the process of website designing apart from development. It is one of the open source computer languages, whose scripting is made usually on the server side. It constitutes mainly the components of C language and certain other few components of C++. It involves writing script based programs or applications containing lines of codes for the purpose of task automations.

Reasons to go for PHP

Unlike the other computer languages like Java, Python, and so on, PHP is also a scripting cum programming language that is widely used by most of the website developers all around the World. Off course, Face book and Wikipedia are operated on the basis of PHP programs. The major reason for the web developers to use PHP is its unique features like open – source and light – weight nature. Anyone, who wants to become a good PHP developer can learn PHP course in Chennai.

Applications of PHP

PHP is compatible with the web server applications like IIS and Apache. PHP scripts are utilized for the popular operating systems including MAC OS, Windows, Linux, and UNIX, so on. The website developers, who use PHP scripts for web development, are authorized to select the appropriate web servers and operating systems as per their wish.

The effectiveness of a programming language lies in the knowledge of a developer or a programmer. A good PHP developer is the one, who is responsible for the development of various PHP based applications, programs and websites. The only qualification required for them is the better problem solving cum analytical skills.

Things to be followed to become a better PHP developer

If you want to be a PHP developer, take the PHP training in Chennai. Such training normally makes you to implement the following steps:

Utilize the classes and core functions of PHP:

The simple and better way to start with PHP development is to analyze and utilize the various kinds of classes and functions (trim function and XML parser functions) available in PHP. But before going to introduce your own function, it is better to have a look at the PHP manual.

Establish a new file and configure it:

Configure all your database connection settings in one single file called master file, and insert them in your PHP scripts. Then there will not be any possibility of scattering of your settings. It will also be simple and easier for you to modify any information in the future, if you wish. Here you need only a config file for maintaining the codes.

Perform data sanitization:

If you want to avoid data related issues, which you might be going to face in the future, they you should be aware of the SQL injection attacks. Also you should sanitize all of your database inputs. The PHP function you can use here is mysql_real_escape_string. You can also use this function along with HTML special characters, in order to protect your database from XSS attacks.

Keep error reporting ON:

If you want to be aware of the run – time errors, while creating a program or an application, then you should turn on the options like display errors and error reporting. Thus by being aware of the available errors, you can easily be able to fix those errors simultaneously by identifying the source of errors quickly.

Avoid over commenting of codes:

Keep on practicing the activity of documenting the codes in the PHP scripts, by putting comments. But commenting each and every line of the codes is not necessary. Instead you can comment only the good codes, which is more than enough.

Keep and maintain all code snippets with you:

Utilize some applications (snippely, snippet, snipplr or code collector) for keeping the collection of code snippets, you have used earlier. Because, there might be a chance that you may need any code snippet, which you have used already in the future. In such situations, your code snippet collection will help you a lot. Off course, you might be able to save your time too, without searching the used snippets.

Utilize a perfect source editor:

Most of the developers’ time is spent mainly on the editing part. Thus, if you want to save your time smartly, then you can make use of some good source editors like PHP designer.

Utilize a better MySQL tool for administration:

Those developers, who want to work with well known database management systems like MySQL, can make use of an efficient administration tool, in order to enhance administration and database management. Some examples of such tools include PHP MyAdmin, and MySQL Admin, and so on.

Utilize a perfect framework for PHP codes:

Those who want to become a good PHP developer or hire php developer in jaipur should use perfect and efficient patterns for web development. This is normally achieved only by the use of a better PHP framework.

Have links with a lot of developers:

Create a community of PHP development, in order to communicate with the other developers, and also for the purpose of idea sharing. Sharing ideas (giving your ideas to others and gaining ideas from others) will surely help a lot in the phase of developmet.

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