Programming Language used to Develop Taxi Booking App

Currently, every Smartphone user may be using a taxi booking app as commuting via taxi has become a trend. If comparing with an era of radio taxis, ride booking through app has made life easier for the people have to travel daily to reach their work place. Well, before these apps, people were using taxi services but not so frequently as now. It is now so much easy to book a taxi for instant commuting, it is just matter of few taps and there is your ride. With the taxi booking app, it is so much convenient as the rides are available at such reasonable rates.

However, being a commuter, have you ever thought of knowing the building blocks of these taxi booking apps? Maybe a technical person might be aware of it but, if you are a non-technical person than you should take a glance over it. Basically, if it’s about apps, there are two most trending mobile platforms and those are Android and iOS. Both of these mobile platforms are user-friendly and offer an impeccable user experience.

However, both of them are developed on different computer languages and the same applies to their apps. This means that you cannot run an Android app on an iOS device. It’s obvious that every mobile platform will run the app that is developed through their native computer language. Same is here with the taxi booking app.

Here we have mentioned the computer languages that are required to develop a taxi booking app for both Android as well as iOS.


Well, Android is an amazing mobile platform that is widely used all around the world. In comparison with iOS, Android users are more as it is the most flexible mobile platform ever built. Android is developed by Google and is basically designed for touch screen smartphones. Android apps were basically developed on JAVA but recently Google has made Kotlin as their primary programming language for app development.


Kotlin was first appeared in 2011 by the Russian developer’s team named Jet Brains. It is the most flexible computer language that runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and can even be compiled on JavaScript source code. You can say it is an advanced form of Java but not everything is similar. Kotlin’s syntax is not compatible with Java as the code compilation of Kotlin is much faster than Java. Well, for Android, Kotlin is the computer language that is meant for developing the taxi booking app.


It’s the most secure mobile operating system as well as the most popular one that is designed and developed by Apple Inc. After Android, it is the most used mobile operating system all around the world. It is known for is extra buttery and smooth interface. The level of security is just amazing as its developer does not leave a single bug for penetration. The iOS apps are developed on Swift which is the primary application development language of Apple. Swift is specially designed for the iOS apps to add a dynamic quality to their apps.


Swift is basically designed for the collaboration work with Cocoa Touch Frameworks as well as former app development language i.e., Objective-C. It runs on LLVM compiler on which the Objective-C codes were also running. Due to that, Swift can even use the runtime library of C as well as C++ codes. Objective-C was bugging app development language of Apple and that is why their developers have to switch to Swift. Swift is Apple’s most flexible and easy coding language that allows developers to develop iOS apps without any issues. It is even safer to develop iOS apps through Swift as Objective-C was less viable.

Final Object…

Well, now you know which computer language develops taxi app for their platform. It is true that computer language does play their role in retaining the quality of taxi booking app. hire a developer for your project

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