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Web Development

For Web Development & Web Designing we offer mobile responsive design architecture. We provide web development on variety on frameworks such as Php, WordPress,cakephp.

Website Designing

Website which look fresh strengthen your brand. With innovative tools we design website which standalone in world wide web

Theme Development

Customizing premium themes (usually from themeforest), or developing theme from existing design, our team is experienced with both procedures.

Plugin Development

Keeping in mind quality of code and compatibility with different versions of WordPress, we provide plugin development services.

Custom Website Design

Our team specializes in affordable web design and e-commerce. With innovative tools we design website which standalone in world wide web

Maintenance & Support

We keep your website updated to current versions, regular backups and constant observance, preventing any phishing or malware attacks.


Work on Time

Thank you for delivering work on Time

Rishabh Jain

Would recommend to anyone

Hats Off !! Great Work . I am trying to resolve the error from 1 week he did it in 3 days . He has experience though have time shortage to completely concentrate on single project . I strongly recommend him . Hire him with confidence . He will do the job perfectly . Thanks

Ducoplex Haridwar

Excellent Customer Support

One of the best WordPress developer to work with, he understands the issue and rectify it effectively. I will hire him everytime for any work

Sujit Thakur

This is a great product.

It was great working with Dayanand, he solved my problem within minutes for which we were stucked for almost 1 week. He is very talented and I will surely hire him for all my future work.

Sujit Thakur


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Ferrera Fashion


5 Steps To Growing Your Fashion Brand Profitably

Fashion designers produce fabrics such as dresses, suits, pants, skirts, and accessories and handbag accessories for consumers. They can specialize in the design of clothing, accessories, or jewellery, or work in more than one of these areas. Some fashion designers focus on clothing design and create wardrobes for television, film,…
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What is managed endpoint security?

What is Endpoint Security? Endpoint Security is a term that includes various types of software applications, hardware systems and other devices designed to protect individual network resources. As stated by the CSO Online article, endpoint security “may seem like a flexible name for installing firewalls and antivirus software on the…
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How to open demat account in aliceblue

How to open Trading account with Aliceblue? aliceblue demat account open step by step guide we provider here please follow steps.for more information message me 6350245094 i am always help there . Open demat account in aliceblue is easy process.Click on Below link and register your profile Refer id…
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How to open demat account in stoxkart

Open demat account in stoxkart. Stoxkart provide good margin Equity 25 times option 7 times commodity 6 times. Click on below link and register :   Use coupon code : AOCFREE Please see video for step by step process of demat account open   step by step stoxkart account…
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5 Incredible Ways To Begin Your Blog With A Bang

So are you planning to begin a blog? Are you anxious not to be able to generate good traffic? Well, the best think about writing is that you write to satisfy your passion not in the greed to earn money. Though you may have a target to reach but in…
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Upstox Demat Account Open

We are Authorised partnership with Upstox. if any customer want to open Demat Account Contact Us on +919024689113 or Direct use our Links. Click Below Link to open demat account Or Click here   Use our UCC id 438787   Documents Need to open Account: 1. Email id 2….
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Best Discount Brokers in India

Discount brokers usually do not provide trade advice, unlike a full-service broker. But they provide extremely cheap brokerage on trading. Best Margin Broker in India Upstox Discount brokers are a better option for investors and traders who frequently trade because of the lowest brokerage charged by the discount brokers. Upstox…
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Upstox Demat Account Opening Procedure

How to open a demat account Before you get started on the demat account opening procedure, select your broker. This choice could depend on a variety of factors – such as brokerage fees/charges (more on this below), the platform’s / user interface, and its customer service. In today’s digital world,…
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A Step By Step Elaboration of Mobile App Development

How the small and medium businesses are getting rejuvenated with the advent of mobile apps is evident from the statistics report stating that by the year 2016, one out of five SMBs were involved in developing mobile apps. However, with every year the growth of mobile apps seems to have…
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how to open demat acoount

how to open demat account   open demat account with upstox. low brokerage. delivery free. intraday 0.01% or 20rs per order option 20rs per order use UCC id 438787 or message me on 9024689113  
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Mobile Apps Helping Individuals around the World

Smartphones are perceptibly the closest to home tech that we have in this century, which is the reason it is profoundly necessitated that we should choose the cell phone that would work best for us. It is indicated by numerous examinations and research; it has approached that there are many…
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WooCommerce – Changing the number of product per row

Change the numbe of product per row is simply Just you need Add code to your child theme’s functions.php file. Avoid adding custom code directly to your parent theme’s functions.php file as this will be wiped entirely when you update the theme. /** * Change number or products per row…
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How do You Become a Field Engineer?

A field engineer or field service engineer, also sometimes called an engineering technician, is an engineer who repairs, maintains and installs electrical, electronic and engineering equipment. This usually involves working directly with customers or clients, and even helping to generate product sales, and means going out in the field. This…
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Race to Better and Personalized healthcare services

Technology means a lot of things to different people. The reason for that is not far-fetched, seeing as it touches us in different aspects of our lives. For some, technology is as simple as the changes they have observed their phones and computers over the years. For others, it comes…
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Woocommerce remove default sorting dropdown

WooCommerce: How to Remove the “Default Sorting” Dropdown if you want to remove default sorting dropdown from woocommerce archieve page or shop page its very easy to remove just use this code: [crayon-5f94fccf5343a593596015/] Where to add this snippet? You can place PHP snippets at the bottom of your child theme…
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